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Much of the success of life depends upon keeping one’s mind open to opportunity and seizing it when it comes. Alice Foote McDougall
Bringing Heart and Voice to Leadership success

Our Commitment to you

Working with you enabled me to talk freely about the turmoil I was encountering and gain the fresh insight that helped me identify the right solutions. I value the skills I have gained as do my now very successful and productive team.


We help you. We work with you. We support you.

We help you to build deeper awareness of your ‘whole person’ talent, the values that define you and the passion that drives you.

We work with you to develop clearer insight into how to embrace everyday demands as opportunities.

We support you every step of the way so that you thrive in the moment and reach for a future of your choice.

Here at MB Leadership, we believe that no-one ever 'needs' coaching, but those who WANT to use this powerful approach to be a more effective Leader are on the edge of greatness...and we really look forward to being your partner on that journey.

Creating a safe and secure environment within which you are able to explore what is important to you is pivotal to the success of our partnership. This Code of Excellence sets out the principles that safe-guard how we achieve this for you:

Our Code of Excellence

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The ability to listen to the energy, hear what is not being said and get to what really matters to you is one key to our skill and our value to you as a partner.

Our passion is to inspire and support you through a profound journey of Leadership Excellence. It is our duty, within MB Leadership to do this in a way that is ‘powerfully soft’. This means we are accountable for taking charge through challenge and rigour where appropriate without ever taking control.

Energy is the potential that all of us have yet few of us really use. MB Leadership is one of the first internationally accredited masterpractioners in the Energy Leadership concept. This simple yet radical approach empowers you to transform how you lead yourself and others.

Every client is THE client. We commit absolutely to a unique partnership that is bound together by deep trust and mutual respect. This dedicated collaboration guarantees that you achieve the results you want.

Our time together creates precious moments distinct from any other. They are brief interludes that will redefine your Leadership. It behoves us both to commit to being fully present in the moment.

However you define success; this is our goal.

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Our Approach

Our philosophy is simple:

what people value most deeply, moves them most powerfully… 

… World Class performance becomes possible when teams actively use insight into this behavioural force.

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