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Attrition: just the tip of the iceberg?

Attrition: just the tip of the iceberg?

Is a loss of top talent just simple misfortune or a mayday call from deep within your team? 



Case Study: Overview

Company: Mid-size, global Pharmaceutical business
Function: Clinical Operations
Team Size: 20 – 29
Region: EU
Therapy Area: Cross Portfolio



After years of underperformance, this regional team had been transformed.

New leadership, with an uncompromising approach to high performance values, had replaced under-achievers with top talent, instilled a more collaborative approach with global partners and nurtured a strong team ethic.

However, this new found stability and potential for success was under threat after a series of ‘regrettable losses’. The reasons articulated in exit interviews pointed simply to an unlucky run but, with a situational tipping point looming, the leadership needed deeper insight into the underlying drivers of this disruption.

"The diagnostic provided by Mansfield Buchanan proved invaluable as it gave the team a voice and provided an independent and more structured review of the situation. We were able to use this as an opportunity to map a route forward as a team, work together with greater cohesion and strengthen our team leadership".

Source: Head of Clinical Operations


Our tailored programme engaged the team and other key stakeholders from the start, delivering an end-to-end solution that achieved all of the primary aims.

”Giving voice to the employees' concerns was important but I saw your intervention as being broader in that you captured a more holistic perspective on the issue and also then worked with the functional leadership team to address the issues". 

Source: Head of HR



The full picture that was revealed brought transparency to the frustrations inhibiting people’s scope to perform their job and deliver the value for which they could feel valued. With little or no meaningful organisational identity within the global context, getting the right people on board was only the first step in achieving success as a team.

Mansfield Buchanan’s recommendations to strengthen strategy and matrix engagement were accepted in full and we continued to work with the team at all levels to coach and support them in leveraging their strengths, collaborative spirit and opportunities more effectively to overcome the deep-seated cultural and structural challenges that they faced.





This article has been written by:

Annalise Cowley
Director of Mansfield Buchanan

An experienced Consultant and certified Coach, Annalise works exclusively with LifeSciences clients worldwide to help Leaders and their teams to use insight into what people need and value to deliver the business results that matter.


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