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Energy defines a great Leader. Bruce D Schneider
Bringing Heart and Voice to Leadership success

Energy Leadership

Energy is not only the one word that we most often hear being attributed to inspirational Leaders; it is what sits at the heart of outstanding Leadership.  

It is the power of your inner energy that makes great Leadership easy. It is the contagious force that enables Leaders to not only enthuse and inspire others but sparks the emotional connectivity that motivates ordinary people to strive for the extraordinary.

MB Leadership creates the partnership that enables you to connect with this core energy in a way that optimises how you engage with this powerful yet often under-utilised asset.

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“Energy attracts like energy”

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As one of the first international ELI Master Practitioners, we have exclusive use of the Energy Leadership Index tool. This leading-edge self-assessment tool delivers contemporary insight into how your energy radiates through in your day-to-day Leadership and where there is opportunity for it to serve you.

This optional tool equips you with deeper understanding into the powerful drivers influencing how you show up as a Leader and the choices you have to harness this unique natural force more assuredly.

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Our Approach

Energy Leadership

Bruce D Schneider is the founder of the world renowned Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching (iPEC), the author of Relax, You're Already Perfect and the blockbuster book, Energy Leadership.

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